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Hyundai Staff

Dean Lawthers
Sales Consultant

Michael Sheffield
Sales Consultant

Say hi to Michael Sheffield. Michael is a Texas boy who ventured to the PNW to marry the woman of his dreams. Since then he has pursued his career in the auto industry. Michael is starting his second year at Korum, and is in his fourth year in the automotive industry. He loves working in this industry and getting to know customers. Everything from how their day is to what they do for a living. "You hear all sorts of careers that you may have not even known existed" says Michael. Michael is driven by making people smile and laugh. If he doesn't manage to accomplish one of those two things, then in his mind, he failed at his Job. Michael may be a little guy, but he's a big deal and has a big heart. When he isn't at work, Michael is typically spending time with his wife and family. So next time you come by Korum Hyundai, come and say hi to Michael!

Tim Zetterwall
Sales Consultant

This is Tim Zetterwall. Tim has been in the automotive industry for over six years now, and has been with Korum for about a year. Tim is a very knowledgeable sales person who cares for each and every individual customer. That's how he landed at Korum. When Tim was asked why he wanted to work at Korum, without hesitation he said, "I looked around and felt it was the best place in the South Sound that takes care of customers. I like being involved in helping find the right vehicle at the right time, and advising the customer in getting the vehicle they want." Tim is driven by helping each and every customer find the right vehicle to suit their needs. When Tim isn't working you can find him enjoying the great outdoors. He enjoys camping, hiking, and fishing. He recently acquired a motorhome to take his outdoor adventures to the next level. If you are ever down at Korum, make sure you give Tim a visit. You will be in good hands!

Don Sposato
Sales Consultant

This is Don. Don has been with the Korum Automotive group for over five years, and has been in the automotive industry for twenty-three years. Don is a customer focused salesman. His goal with every customer he meets is to "achieve complete customer satisfaction". If you are lucky enough to get to work with Don, you will find that Don will take your wants and needs and match you up to the perfect vehicle. If you don't see Don around, he is probably out biking, fishing, or working out. Don also loves to cook! If the deal wasn't already sealed, the cherry on top for Don is that he loves dogs. So, there you have it. Come on by and meet Don!

Joe Park
Sales Consultant

Mason Halligan
Sales Consultant

Jean Anabel
Sales Consultant

Ilana Gun
Sales Consultant



Jim Koch
General Manager

Say hi to Jim! Jim grew up in a small town here in the Northwest and appreciates how important it is to treat everyone like they're your neighbor, as they most likely are! Service, integrity, and hospitality are critically important to Jim and the way in which he serves fellow employees and his customers. Jim is extremely grateful for the top-notch team he is blessed to be a part of. Working in the automotive industry for 19 years, and for Korum for five, Jim is very knowledgeable and truly cares about the needs of the customer. His favorite part about working in this industry is the opportunity to see the customer face light up with a big smile when they have found the solution to satisfy their wants and needs. When Jim isn't serving the customer, he can be found hanging out with his wife, or playing with his dogs. He also enjoys taking his motorcycle out for a ride and working on his house. Jim is a pretty great guy, so make sure to say hi when you see him at Korum!

Josh McLean
Sales Manager

Justin Price
Sales Manager

This is Justin. Justin Price is a sales manager at Korum Hyundai. He has been in the automotive industry for eighteen years and with Korum for three, so he definitely knows his stuff. Justin is a very customer focused worker. "I am all about the customer service and helping my customers with their automotive needs." He goes out of his way with each and every customer to make sure that they are happy. Another thing that drives Justin is when he gets to hear follow from customers about the overall experience, they had at Korum, and how happy they are with their car. If Justin isn't working, you will find him hanging out with his family. He is a pretty great guy, so if you are ever at Korum Hyundai, stop in and say hi.