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Hyundai Staff

Andrew Cowan
Sales Advisor

Meet Andrew Cowan. Andrew has been selling cars for Korum Hyundai for about a year now, and previously worked on detailing vehicles here at Korum. Andrew is a big fan of cars, so much so that he gets together with other car enthusiasts and hits the road. If you are looking for him outside of work, there is a good chance that he'll be driving around in his Black Veloster N, tuning it up, and adding awesome customizations. There are many attributes of selling cars that he enjoys. Getting to share his knowledge on the Hyundai lineup, to seeing his customers faces light up when they find the right car at the right price make his day. Andrew likes the fact that he is able to not just make the sales, but to make long term relationships with the customers. "Follow-up is really important to me. I want to make sure my customers are happy with their car not just a week after it was purchased, but for months and years to follow." Andrew is a compassionate and empathetic person, and will work as hard as he possibly can to get you the car you want within your desired budget. He creates a no pressure environment so that you can make sure to take the time and get the vehicle you want. Next time you are in the area, swing by and say hello to Andrew!

Chase Neuman
Sales Advisor

Chris Palachuk
Sales Advisor

Meet Chris Palachuk. Chris is the newest member to the Hyundai Sales team and we are excited to have him! Prior to starting at Korum, Chris spent 10 years working as a bartender. Chris liked being able to interact with people from all walks of life, and enjoyed getting to hear the unique stories that each person had. He is looking forward to bringing that same enthusiasm and passion to the car business, putting an emphasis on a personal relationship over selling a car. When asked why he chose to come to Korum, Chris was quick to answer, "I am proud to work here because I can tell in my short time that Korum is all about the people and helping each customer find the vehicle to best suite their needs, not to sell each customer". When Chris isn't working, you'll find him on the links playing a round of golf. Chris is passionate about the sport and loves to perfect his game! Next time you are at Korum Hyundai, make sure that you stop by and say hi to Chris. Like with most people he meets, I'm sure his light-hearted and jovial personality will put a smile on your face!

Dean Lawthers
Sales Advisor

Michael Sheffield
Sales Advisor

Say hi to Michael Sheffield. Michael is a Texas boy who ventured to the PNW to marry the woman of his dreams. Since then he has pursued his career in the auto industry. Michael is starting his second year at Korum, and is in his fourth year in the automotive industry. He loves working in this industry and getting to know customers. Everything from how their day is to what they do for a living. "You hear all sorts of careers that you may have not even known existed" says Michael. Michael is driven by making people smile and laugh. If he doesn't manage to accomplish one of those two things, then in his mind, he failed at his Job. Michael may be a little guy, but he's a big deal and has a big heart. When he isn't at work, Michael is typically spending time with his wife and family. So next time you come by Korum Hyundai, come and say hi to Michael!

Joe Park
Sales Advisor



Jim Koch
General Manager

Say hi to Jim! Jim grew up in a small town here in the Northwest and appreciates how important it is to treat everyone like they're your neighbor, as they most likely are! Service, integrity, and hospitality are critically important to Jim and the way in which he serves fellow employees and his customers. Jim is extremely grateful for the top-notch team he is blessed to be a part of. Working in the automotive industry for 19 years, and for Korum for five, Jim is very knowledgeable and truly cares about the needs of the customer. His favorite part about working in this industry is the opportunity to see the customer face light up with a big smile when they have found the solution to satisfy their wants and needs. When Jim isn't serving the customer, he can be found hanging out with his wife, or playing with his dogs. He also enjoys taking his motorcycle out for a ride and working on his house. Jim is a pretty great guy, so make sure to say hi when you see him at Korum!

Josh McLean
Sales Manager

Justin Price
Sales Manager

This is Justin. Justin Price is a sales manager at Korum Hyundai. He has been in the automotive industry for eighteen years and with Korum for three, so he definitely knows his stuff. Justin is a very customer focused worker. "I am all about the customer service and helping my customers with their automotive needs." He goes out of his way with each and every customer to make sure that they are happy. Another thing that drives Justin is when he gets to hear follow from customers about the overall experience, they had at Korum, and how happy they are with their car. If Justin isn't working, you will find him hanging out with his family. He is a pretty great guy, so if you are ever at Korum Hyundai, stop in and say hi.