Many vehicle manufacturers require routine tire rotations on your vehicle to keep your tires covered under warranty. Tire rotations also keep your tires working more efficiently and for longer periods. Here's how.

The Purpose of Tire Rotations

Your tires receive different amounts of stress and wear depending on tire position. Tire rotations entail moving your tires to new positions on your car, resulting in more even wear, longer tire life and healthy, safe traction. How often should your vehicle get tire rotations? Our Korum Hyundai service department recommends tire rotations at least every 5,000 miles. This is a fairly standard interval that tends to coincide roughly with your vehicle's recommended oil change schedule.

What Tire Rotations Do You Need?

?The types of tire rotations you need depend on your drivetrain: all-wheel, 4x4, front or rear. Our seasoned service department can determine what type of tire rotations are best for your vehicle. Swing by our Puyallup dealership's service department at your earliest convenience for tire rotations or any other service required. We hope to see you soon.


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