Small is often better, as is the case with the Hyundai Kona. This is a popular small SUV that has numerous design features drivers have grown to appreciate. Given its nimble nature, this is a vehicle that can travel off-road with the best of them, while still providing a comfortable drive in the city.

First off, there is the separated headlight design. This begins with the high-efficiency LED headlights. You will find that these really help you to visualize the road in dark conditions. The LED Daytime Running Lights are another helpful feature that will keep you visible on the road at all times.

Thanks to the contrasting black armor feature included standard on the Kona, there is now a protective skin that makes the exterior stunning to look at. You will really stand out on the road. When you visit Korum Hyundai, you are more than welcome to take the Kona on a test drive.


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