Signs Your Car's Exhaust System Might Be Leaking

Your car's exhaust system keeps harmful gases away from the motor. Several parts make up the exhaust system, including the exhaust pipe, exhaust manifold, catalytic converter and the resonator. If these parts do not function properly, the exhaust system will not work effectively.

Exhaust leaks are a common problem among all vehicles and cause them to run poorly. Therefore, it is important to know the warning signs. A common sign the exhaust system is leaking is a popping or hissing noise. When you hear noise coming from any part of your exhaust system, it almost always indicates a leak or some type of problem with the system. Another sign is a burning smell coming from the exhaust pipes.

If you think there is a problem with your car's exhaust system, schedule an appointment today with our automotive technicians at Korum Hyundai and let us get you back on the road safely.



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