Know Your Alternator to Protect Your Car

Alternators are a mystery to many vehicle owners. If you want to keep your car in good condition, learn to recognize when your alternator is not in good condition.

Seeing a warning light that reads "ALT" or "GEN," or seeing an image of a battery are obvious signs that your alternator might be failing. Other signs are less clear but still noticeable when you know what to look for. When lights dim or the instruments and gauges stop working all of sudden, consider the possibility of a dying alternator. Smelling burning rubber could be a belt frying. Screeching, whining and growling sounds should not come from under the hood, so if you hear them, check the alternator.

You don't have to handle alternator issues alone when Korum Hyundai is here to help. Visit our Hyundai service location, and let us service your vehicle.



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