What is the Difference Between a Compact Temporary and a Full-Size Spare Tire?

Your vehicle should be equipped with a spare tire, so that you’re not stranded when you have a flat. If you’re driving a passenger car, it may have a donut or a full-size spare. A donut, or a compact tire, is only meant to be a temporary fix in order to get you off the side of the road and to the nearest service station. A full-size spare is a normal-size tire.

If your spare is a donut, then you’ll notice that it is much smaller than a regular tire. Its tread isn’t as deep as a normal tire, and it needs a higher PSI to fill it. You also need to use care when driving a compact tire; it’s not designed to travel at fast speeds. Compact tires cannot sustain larger vehicles, such as SUVs and pickup trucks.

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