When You See The Brake Warning Light, What Should You Do?

You might be driving your car along happily on a bright sunny day and see everything going well until you see that dreaded red light come on on your dashboard: the brake light. That is one light you cannot ignore because it means something is wrong with your brakes, and you should address that immediately. The best way to have your brake problems resolved is to bring your vehicle down to our service department.

Problems That Might Be Causing The Red Light

Brake problems are usually the result of the following:

1. Worn brake pads which usually make a grinding or squealing noise when you press the pedal

2. A blown brake line which causes the pedal to go to the floor

3. Bad rotors or calipers

4. Vibrations when applying the brakes

Why You Should Take Your Vehicle To Our Dealership

At Korum Hyundai, we are always at the ready if your brakes go bad because we carry the parts that you need for your Elantra, Sonata, or Santa Fe Sport. As soon as you see the light on your dashboard or suspect something is amiss, you can give us a call to make an appointment. We'll try and get your problems corrected as soon as possible so you can have your car back on the road and not have your life disrupted by brake problems. Our dealership center near Tacoma, WA, is a place where you can come to have your brakes serviced.

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