3 Signs Your Car Brakes May Be Failing

The brakes in your car don't last forever, but fortunately they will give you warning signs when the system is about to fail. At Korum Hyundai, it's easy to learn about these warnings and take care of the issue before it fully arises. If you see any of these noticeable signs, bring the car to one of our skilled certified brake experts so they can analyze the trouble and make the needed repairs.

  1. The brake pedal should be firm and the car should come to a complete stop with the slightest pressure. If your brake pedal is feeling a little soft and spongy, it will only be a matter of time before it hits the floor in an emergency.
  2. After hitting the brakes, the car will pull to one side of the road or the other.
  3. The sounds coming from the brakes will tell a lot about their condition. Listen for any grinding, squealing, and scraping sounds. None of these are acceptable when driving.

Don't mess around with the quality of your vehicle; bring it into our dealership after the first sign of trouble to get those brakes checked out. You can find us at 111 River Road!

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