How to Be a Great Front Seat Passenger

Everyone wants to ride in the front seat when going on a road trip, but not everyone is aware of how much responsibility it entails. You have to do more than just help pick out some music and check out your social media. Below are some important rules to riding shotgun.

  • You can't fall asleep when you're sitting in the front passenger seat. Road trips can be pretty uneventful, which makes it a boring ride for the driver. Talk to them continuously to help keep them awake and alert.
  • You're responsible for dispensing food to the driver. Load up on snacks before you hit the road and when the driver needs to snack on something you'll be the person that give it to him/her.
  • Keep an eye on the directions. Looking down at the phone is too distracting for the driver, so it's your job to help make sure you're headed in the right direction.
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