A Happy Companion with These Doggy Road Trip Essentials

Taking your dog with you on a road trip is a great time and can be an excellent bonding experience between you and your favorite four-legged furry friend, but it definitely requires some extra preparation to ensure they stay safe and happy on the ride. Whether it's a one hour ride or a trip across the country, the experts from Petcha have all the details on the things you need to bring along. Check out our written list below or, for more details, enjoy the Petcha video at the bottom of this post:

Essentials List:

  • A collapsible water bowl
  • Collar, harness, and leash
  • Their favorite toys
  • Dog food and healthy treats
  • Medication and medical records

Car Safety List:

  • Seat covers to protect your seats from dirt
  • Ramp, if your dog needs help climbing inside
  • Travel crate and any other necessary safety equipment

Optional List:

  • Dog bed or a blanket to sleep on
  • A towel or blanket to lay on at rest stops
  • An item that smells like you, such as a shirt or sock
  • Appropriate clothing like a life jacket or doggy sweater



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